Fellowship Breakfast      3rd Saturday of Every Month            8 A.M.
Men & Ladies 
(Child Care Available)                   
Chariots of Light Meeting  3rd Saturday of Every Month      10 A.M.
Johnny Rowlett                   July 21st, Sunday                       10 A.M.
C4C –                                 July 29- Aug 2
Champions4Christ Youth Rally       
Branson, Mo
Family Game Night       July    26th                               7-9 P.M. 
Pocatello Revivial           August 9, 11, & 12                        6 P.M.
 Location: Clarion Hotel 1399 Bench Road Pocatello, ID
Potluck Sunday              September 29th                        12 A.M. 
After service
Family Game Night         November 1st                             7-9 P.M. 
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